Electronic Books Now Available

Electronic Books Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our books, 100 Ways to Start Smart and Get Ahead in Your Career and 100 Ways to Stay Smart and Keep Your Career on Track are now available in e-format on all major platforms (iBooks, Amazon, and Nook). Quick and easy tips to succeed in your career are only a click away! Join thousands of women in learning how to lead and succeed in nonprofit organizations.

100 Ways to Start Smart and Get Ahead in Your Career
You work for a whiny boss, your co-workers are slow and tedious, you’re uncertain about workplace behavior and boundaries, and you are treated as an intern instead of the professional you worked so hard to become. These are only a few of the problems and disappointments you may face as you enter the professional workforce. This book is a collaboration between an experienced national CEO and a millennial with a decade of increasing responsibility and job advancement. It identifies 100 challenging areas you may face in your work setting, and then provides suggestions and guidance for expertly managing each situation. By using these tips and strategies, you can avoid stumbling on your way up that career ladder you are anxious to climb.

100 Ways to Stay Smart and Keep Your Career on Track
How hard can management really be? You’ve worked for several bosses who were less than superstars, and you know you have better management skills than they do. You feel ready to move up the career ladder, but you are just a bit uncertain about next steps. This book, the second in the Smart Women series, provides the answers, guidance, and tips you need to get ahead in your career.  Its 100 short and direct chapters include topics like how to manage up (your boss), down (your staff) and sideways (your co-workers); how to engage in best business practices, adapt to needed change, and deal with and overcome workplace failure. It will also help you hone and leverage your leadership skills, your business relationship skills, and your self-advocacy and negotiating skills while acquiring both the attitude and image you need for advancement. Written by an experienced CEO and a millennial who has risen through the ranks to reach the executive level in just a decade, 100 Ways to Stay Smart and Get Ahead in Your Career will give you a competitive edge to define, develop, manage, and achieve your own version of career success.

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