A Personal Talent Search

A Personal Talent Search

What’s your major talent? I’m not asking about a super power, but what are you good at? Are you recognized for that talent? Do you showcase it? Do others even know about it?

Many people have hidden talents. Hidden talents may simply be skills you haven’t fully developed. For example, perhaps you have a nice singing voice or an ear for different languages. Maybe you like math, or write poetry. Or you have an expertise in yoga, or played ice hockey when you were younger.

Talent needs to be developed. It needs to be worked at and nurtured. A recent National Geographic special article on the concept of genius emphasized that even genius takes work. It’s not magic or effortless as many people think.

To be really good at something takes practice, commitment, passion, and discipline. Think of that Olympic athlete who practices before and after school or work and all weekend. Or the author who writes ten hours each day. Or the artist who can’t stop painting.

You may be thinking that you don’t have a great talent, that your talent is mediocre in every way. That is not accurate. We all have personal talents. We may not readily recognize them, and we may not always develop them, but they are there.

As 2018 begins, give some thought to one of your underdeveloped talents and make up your mind to develop it further. Maybe this is the year you enter that poetry contest, or enroll in that refresher course in French, or fill out that graduate school application, or volunteer with a community agency. If you know you are lacking some work skill essential to your career advancement, find a way to acquire or enhance it. If you would benefit from having a mentor (and almost everyone would) set out to find one this year. You might also use your talents to become a mentor for someone else who is just starting up the career ladder.

Think of what you could achieve if you could transform your existing and hidden talents into workplace skills; if you could nurture and expand your creativity; if you could capture and focus your passion; and if you were able to grow your own genius. The result would be a year of exceptional achievement and success. Best wishes to finding that success in the New Year.

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