Don’t Let Success be a Stumbling Block

Don’t Let Success be a Stumbling Block

You’ve been working on a big project for months. Despite setbacks, surprises, and some staff turnover, you are finally done. You know it’s a success. Even the big boss has acknowledged your efforts, and numerous coworkers have congratulated you. You feel like you’ve done double duty for months, and you can’t wait for things to return to the pre-project level.

You take a week off and when you come back, people seem to have forgotten that you were the workplace hero only seven days ago. Every now and then you manage to mention the project, but it doesn’t hold the same importance for others that it does for you. In fact, it seems like no one even remembers how hard you worked. It’s unfair, and you feel like staging a personal work slow down. Let someone else carry the burden for awhile.

That would be a mistake, and it would probably confuse your boss and team members. You have shown what you can do. You need to build on your success, not stop the momentum you have going.

If you were an athlete and had just posted your best time in an event, you would be psyched, and it would make you try even harder in the future. That philosophy should be applied to your work efforts, too

An outstanding career is built on a series of successes—some will be small and some will be more significant. There will also be a few setbacks thrown in here and there.  The secret is to build on each one.

So don’t let your current success get in the way of future accomplishments. If you try to live on your laurels — to stand on what you have already accomplished—it will keep you from moving forward. So take what you have learned from that project you are so proud of and use that experience and those new skills, not just to complete your next assignment, but to further your career.

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