Don’t Settle for the Cheap Seats

Don’t Settle for the Cheap Seats

There is going to be a meeting with the boss that will be held in the conference room. Unfortunately, the conference table isn’t large enough for all the managers to sit at the table. There are chairs placed around the perimeter of the room for overflow.

The men wander in and take a seat at the table without giving it a second thought.  They may try to decide where the boss will sit so they can choose their chair strategically. Some of the women seem uncertain about where to sit and graciously gravitate to the overflow seats. Soon there is a gender divide in the room—men at the table, women on the fringe. Seeing all the seats at the table have been taken, the last man to arrive pulls an additional chair up to the table and squeezes in among his male colleagues. He never even considers sitting anywhere else but at the table.

Don’t settle for the cheap seats. Does this sound familiar? It is harder to be a part of the discussion from the sidelines. It is also harder to get your boss’s ear or notice from a distance.

The next time you are invited to a meeting, arrive a bit early and choose a good seat at the table. Stake your claim to be part of the conversation. Don’t worry about where the men will sit. They will be fine.

You worked hard to buy your full price ticket to the workplace, so take your proper seat.

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