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Start Smart Career Center (S2C2) helps women navigate their
nonprofit careers and thrive as leaders in the workplace.

Start Smart Career Center was born out of the relationship between Betsy Clark, an experienced nonprofit CEO and Elizabeth Franklin, a millennial professional leader. Over the past decade, Betsy and Elizabeth have been co-workers and co-thinkers, depending on one another for advice, feedback, and insight into their different perspectives. The two women realized how invaluable their relationship had become, and unfortunately, how unique it was as well. They agreed that one of the most important factors in a woman’s professional success is if she has strong female mentors to guide, critique, and support her.

Based on these conversations, Betsy and Elizabeth wanted to create a platform where women could find answers to some of their most complex, professional challenges. Start Smart Career Center serves as a virtual mentoring network for women who want to thrive in nonprofit organizations, but the advice and tools can be equally applied in any corporate setting. Featuring the voices of a diverse group of leaders at different stages in their careers, Start Smart Career Center is a space for women to learn from the stories, experiences, and lessons of others who have dealt with barriers to professional success.

Every woman will face challenges in her career—from age-old issues like sexism, pay inequity, and self-confidence to burgeoning problems regarding personal brands, online reputations, and intergenerational workplaces. Start Smart Career Center provides guidance across the spectrum from daily irritations to major career choices. Every woman deserves a mentor she can trust and depend upon when she faces the inevitable adversity that arises when women choose to lead.

Betsy Clark, PhD, ACSW, MPH
President & Co-Founder, Start Smart Career Center
Co-Author, 100 Ways to Start Smart and Stay Ahead in Your Career
Leader in health & nonprofits, women’s equality advocate, cancer, grief, & hope expert, author, speaker, & mentor. Loves mountains & pansies.
Elizabeth (Betsy) Clark is an experienced CEO and national leader. She is a strong advocate for workplace equality and for women heading organizations and corporations. She emphasizes that leadership can be taught—you just need to find the right teacher for the student who wants to learn. By pairing women just entering the professional workforce with experienced women leaders—the veteran-rookie approach—many common pitfalls and errors that hold women back can be avoided.

Elizabeth F. Franklin, LGSW, ACSW
Executive Director & Co-Founder, Start Smart Career Center
Co-Author, 100 Ways to Start Smart and Stay Ahead in Your CareerElizabethHofflerHeadShot20143
Healthcare and Cancer Advocate, public policy professional, writer, blogger, feminist, social worker, Kentucky native, PhD student, Sharpie and Oxford comma enthusiast, & pug mother to Bubbles & Bonkers.
Elizabeth F. Franklin is a healthcare, public policy, and advocacy leader in national nonprofit organizations. She attributes much of her success to having strong women mentors who pushed her to take advantage of every opportunity and to accomplish her goals no matter the obstacles. She is now passionate about giving back and working with young professional women to help them define and accomplish their goals.

Martha Rothblum, BA
Creative Director

Martha Rothblum is a designer, brand enforcer, and mother. She developed an interest in design as a way to integrate three distinct passions: helping organizations find their voice, exploring the power of the written word, and celebrating the ways smart visual solutions can make people pay attention. Her work is guided by the belief that meaningful innovation requires a deep understanding of the people who will use what she creates, and the changing world around them. For two decades, Martha has thrived at the intersection of graphic design and brand strategy, using the power of design to develop inspiring creations. Martha also thrives at being the mother of a seven year old who inspires her every day.

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