Speak Softly and Wear Lipstick

Speak Softly and Wear Lipstick

Trump has never seemed older than he did this week when he said he was having a hard time getting beyond Hillary’s shouting. His comments seemed like a throw back to behaviors of many decades past when girls when supposed to be seen, not heard. A time when girls who were “tomboys” might be tolerated, but were a bit of an embarrassment to their families. When girls didn’t engage in organized sports but stood on the sidelines cheering on their boyfriends (and, by the way, shouting for them). When girlfriends and wives were relegated to being “arm candy” and were replaced as they aged. (Let it be noted that Trump is in his third marriage). And when the husband often told his wife how she should vote in elections because she couldn’t possibly understand politics.

Young women can’t imagine having such boundaries, but their grandmothers and many of their mothers can. Women today are independent. They think for themselves. They have choices and self-confidence. They have careers. They no longer accept that occupations are divided into those for men and those for women, and they understand they can be entrepreneurs, athletes, Supreme Court Justices, or anything else they aspire to be.

So why should it be different for Hillary Clinton? She shouldn’t have to exploit being a woman or “play the woman card.” She is a woman. So what? That’s no big deal. More than half of the US population are women.

But if you say she is an exceptionally competent and accomplished professional woman who happens to be running for President of the United States, well, that is a big deal. But the big deal has to do with her experience and her career which includes being a lawyer, Senator, and Secretary of State. Her resume has nothing to do with her gender. And I think that is something worth shouting about.

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