Stop Pleasantly Surprising Yourself

Stop Pleasantly Surprising Yourself

There have been numerous times when I’ve written something for work and after submitting it, didn’t give it much thought. At some point I’ve needed to refer to the document I’ve written and after reviewing it, I’m pleasantly surprised at how good my writing is. Whether it’s written eloquently or contains an informed critique or detailed analysis, I’ve often thought to myself…“wow, this is really good.”

The most recent time I engaged in this little ritual with myself I wondered how it’s possible that I keep surprising myself. My work product is always well-done. I wouldn’t submit something that was subpar. I’m proud of my work and I rarely question myself once I’ve completed something. Why, then, am I almost always surprised when I read something I’ve written that is professional and polished?

I can’t imagine that I’m the only woman who does this. Chances are that many of us consistently complete written assignments that are exceptional. We shouldn’t be surprised if we become one of the go-to writers on the team. Perhaps it’s our project management skills that are incredibly efficient. When a project is thoroughly executed and delivered before schedule, it shouldn’t come as a shock. Maybe we inspire the most from our team. When they depend on us for feedback and support, this should become a natural relationship.

We can’t be stellar at every task we try and it’s OK to surprise ourselves from time to time when we’ve mastered a new skill. However, it’s also important to take credit and be proud when we consistently shine. We should expect to excel and surprise ourselves only sparingly.

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