Would You Hire You?

Would You Hire You?
Most employees hope to move up the career ladder to become a supervisor, manager, or administrator—in short, a boss. When that move occurs, you may be in a position to hire your own staff, or, at least, contribute to the hiring process. Finding and employing good staff is a significant undertaking. Sometimes you are successful; sometimes not.

What would your boss say, if after your first year, you were able to ask her if she still thinks her decision to bring you on-board was a good one? Knowing what she knows now, would she hire you again?

Better yet, think seriously about whether you would hire yourself for your current job. Are you a good fit? Do you work hard? Do you care about the company’s success? Are you a team player and positive colleague? Have you learned on the job and enhanced your expertise? Do you see a future at your current place of employment?

Don’t rush to be defensive, perhaps jumping to the conclusion that they are lucky to have you. Instead, seriously think about your own behavior and consider whether it would be acceptable if you were your manager.

For example, do you cut corners or try to avoid taking on more work? Do you routinely come in late or try to sneak out early? Do you spend work time doing online shopping or looking at social media? Do you complain to colleagues or friends about your boss, coworkers, or the organization? Do you call in sick simply because you don’t feel like working that day? Do you ever pad expense or other reports? Do you claim credit that really doesn’t belong to you? Do you frequently scan job openings at other companies? Are you simply unhappy with your job? Are you bored? Are you overwhelmed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, would that trait or activity constitute a “non-starter” if you were the person hiring you for your position? If you decide that you would not hire yourself, it’s time to either change your behavior or change your job.

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